Mongra Saffron

Mongra Saffron is 100% Pure,Original and Authentic Kashmiri Saffron delicately hand-picked and delivered straight from the farms of Kashmir to your doorstep. Vibrant and aromatic strands of the ‘Crocus Sativus’ flower also known as the Saffron Flower provide a multitude of health benefits.

This is ideal for daily usage in temples, food products, etc.

There is a difference in size of Mongra and Premium Chura with Mongra being long and beautiful strands which are picked first from the Crocus Sativus Flower.

Mongra Saffron has wonderful aroma, strong taste and immense addition of flavour into anything. It also lends vibrant colour and aesthetics to any foods or drinks!

You will always keep coming back for more after trying this and we can guarantee that!!

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